It is not only the web that has turned social these days. Design 21: Social design network is an on-line community formed in partnership with UNESCO, where members of the design community, socially conscious individuals, local governments, businesses and non-profit organizations (NPOs) can address social concerns and create smart solutions through design. It’s a place where like-minded people can connect to share resources, inspire each other and take action. I think that this kind of mind and knowledge sharing is crucial in any kind of development. Because “what you give is what you get” and if knowledge could connect in surprising and ground-braking new ways we are looking towards maybe a little brighter future. As I reported in the David Report bulletin “Liberate design” I would very much like to see more of an open-source mindset outside of the software industry. Then we can really make a difference.

Design 21: Social Design Network has recently launched three contests challenge designers to create a Global Warming campaign, a Children’s Toy and an Emergency Shelter. Each carries a first prize of $5,000. The contests are open to students and professionals of all design disciplines. The official logo of this new community was selected from a design competition where Design 21 received over 950 entries from India to Iceland. Winner was Monika Kosciuczuk. Dutch designer Richard Hutten was the creator of the symbol of the network, the Allumonde ring.

Let’s get social!

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