Here is a last minute Christmas gift tip. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is selling carbon emission offsets and if you buy one and give away to a friend you will stop the correspondent amount of carbon dioxide from coming out into the atmosphere. Climate care on the other hand is selling offsets that helps you reduce your carbon footprint by global funding projects like energy efficiency and forest restoration. By buying offsets from any of the above you will make someone happy and at the same time make our planet happy by preventing global warming. Sounds like a good choice to me!

There are discussions about the issue of buying carbon emission rights. And of course – saving energy is still the best choice in the long run. But if you care for nature and future – buy carbon emission rights and show your personal standpoint!

Maybe you would like to be carbon neutral all year round? Visit Carbon neutral or Climate care and calculate your emissions from travelling, home etc. They will help you to ‘neutralise’ or ‘balance’ the carbon dioxide added by your activities.


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