To follow up my writing about editorials compared to word-of-mouth activities (in David Report issue 5) I read an article in our local newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet the other week about a new reaction to all the free magazines that are popping up around us. If you feel like reading, you read something. But you probably would like to decide it yourself. When I was in London some ten days ago it was nearly impossible to walk two minutes without being attacked by the free magazine hand-overs. According to me, the experience was not very differentiated from all the guys offering girls with different skills at the back streets of Roppongi, Tokyo. How credible is the content in the free magazines when it is related with an irritating feeling that it has been inflicted on you?

In Denmark more than 73000 people have bought a sticker for their post box saying “Please, NO free magazines”. And this in a time when we all thought that at least the magazines were still credible. But, even the editorials are surrounded with advertising. It looks like we are back to the basic word-of-mouth storytelling again…

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