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The David Report on-line trend report offers cutting-edge critical thought. With a design perspective and a humanistic approach we are always trying to make a difference by challenging the conventional mindset. In our trend reports you will always find the most interesting news, ideas and concepts.

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Some words about David Report:


“David Report provides thought-provoking insights which give me inspiration and ideas.”
Peter Bodor, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Sweden

”Reading and viewing several trend reports and newsletters daily I could simply say that David Report is the ONE to read. Other describes what’s done yesterday. David Report tells what will happen tomorrow and in the long run, and does this with a design perspective and humanistic approach I just can admire, respect and agree with!
Ulrika Lövdahl, Project Manager, Communication Development, V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS

“Finally David Carlson, the famous Swedish design-entrepreneur, takes the obvious next step by starting the David Report. He wants to change the world. He might do it.”
Olle Wästberg, Director General, The Swedish Institute


DR1 9