Typeface by DesignWright

British design firm DesignWright has created a new digital typeface for the 21st Century. The typeface is used in Script, which is a series of digital time pieces designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright for Lexon.

Lexon watch

Since the seventies, the seven segment display has been the standard for any electrical product that displays numbers – DVD players, watches, ovens and calculators. Script reconfigures the segments to create an entirely new digital typeface, says Adrian Wright.


Adam and Jeremy Wright


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  1. […] April 3, 2014 · in Announcements Design · by TAXI Daily News · No Comments · Most of us should be familiar with the way numbers are displayed on electrical products—after all, the blocky seven segment display has been the standard since the 1970s. For their Script collection for Lexon, a series of digital time pieces, brothers and designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright have created a custom typeface to replace the seven segment classic for the 21st century. While its predecessor is certainly functional, it is not particularly good-looking—by reconfiguring the segments, the creators of Script were able to come up with a pleasingly rounded typeface that looks both elegant and modern. What do you think of this new digital typeface? [via David Report] […]

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