Furniture producer Vitra and the interview magazine Freunde von Freunden are opening an apartment in Berlin. It’s called FvF Apartment by Vitra and is situated on Mulackstrasse. It offers a glimpse into the world of the Vitra living collage and visualizes Freunde von Freunden’s conceptualization of urban living.

Collaboration between Vitra and Freunde von freunden

How does a digitally oriented generation, for whom creativity, sustainability, and mobility are more important than status, live? Based on the common styles and experiences of Vitra and Freunde von Freunden, the FvF Apartment offers the necessary space to clarify this question. At the same time it offers a platform for innovative products from friends and fellow partners and will be available as an apartment, for events and for presentations, says Frederik Frede, founder of Freunde von Freunden.