“What’s your story” is a question that Swedish wallpaper producer Mr Perswall just started to ask to a number of carefully selected creative personalities around the world. They all replied, using wallpaper as their canvas. The solutions and answers were as numerous as the participants but what they all share is a unique and deeply personal expression. First out is Danish designer Louise Campbell with six wallpapers that touch the issues of femininity and masculinity. The six wallpapers are launched in Das Haus at the imm furniture fair in Cologne were Louise Campbell is guest of honor.

Louise Campbell for Mr Perswall

 The inspiration for the wallpapers “Pretty” and “Hunting Scene” is to be found in all of the homes around the globe where masculine and feminine interests must share space and even though they’re created from the same simple 10×10 cm grid, their expression is completely different, says Louise Campbell. Pretty is sensual, soft and relaxing, irresistible in its decorative but also wild pattern. It’s quite simply a pretty wallpaper, one to create a warm and welcoming home. Hunting Scene on the other hand invites its spectator to interact and to engage.

Louise Campbell wallpaper for Mr Perswall


Masculinity and wallpaper are not a given combination, Louise continues, not, at least, if the wallpapers only function is to be decorative. What therefore if function is added to the wallpaper? Just as the name suggests Hunting Scene invites you to a hunt, or at the very least to ponder the moral dilemma of this masculine activity. In acceptance of – if not exactly sympathy with – the masculine instinct to hunt, here you are: If you really have the heart to go for a Bambi, then be my guest. Alternatively you can just enjoy their innocent eyes and all the lovely flowers.

But masculinity of course is not only for men and femininity is certainly not just for women and that precisely is the point behind these twin-wallpapers, which with their different expressions manage to speak to all of the different sides of a person.

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