Toolbox by RO

Aurelien Barbry studio has designed a collection of Toolbox for a new company named RO based in Copenhagen.

Toolbox by Aurelien Barbry

The Toolboxes are designed to be serving trays and magazine & newspaper boxes, they both works perfectly as storage for numerous things in every room of your house. The design has an immediate emotional attraction with the clear reminiscent of an old carpenter toolbox, transformed into contemporary design, says Aurelien Barbry.
Aurelien Barbry
The toolboxes are in Ash and handmade in Denmark.
Aurelien Barbry for RO

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  1. bayan çanta says:

    Jan 16, 2014

    3. sırada bulunan resimi çok beğendim acaba böyle birşey yaptırmak mümkünmüdür. Merak ettim mutlaka araştıracağım.

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