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neybers is a playful and creative community where you decorate rooms with real products and then share it with others. neybers is currently in open beta (for anyone to use) and will soon be available as a iPad and iPhone-application.

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Our ambition with neybers is to create a place so that people interested in interior design can explore, be playful, be creative and social with interior design products. Our idea is that when being in that environment users get inspired, interested and engaged and want to learn more about the products, designers and brands behind it, says Mikael Cruseman, one of the fonders of neybers.

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Do you love interior design and dream about decorating? Then you must try Neybers, a community where you can play with – and be inspired by – design, Mikael Cruseman ends.

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    Jan 13, 2015

    i love the apps im using an ipad but is it also available on iphones? coz my ipad device was broken

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