Bed linen by Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen is a new bed linen brand formed by design and branding professionals in Stockholm, which have years of experience working with brands like Absolut, Nokia and Iittala. With Dirty Linen they would like to target design, interior design and fashion conscious persons.


The design of Dirty Linen is casual and perfectly decadent, and is based on passion for details; special woven fabrics, indecent embroidery, prints, special buttons, contrast stitching and more.


When we started Dirty Linen, we felt that we are quite many that have had difficulties to find interesting products for the bed and the bedroom, or simply has become tired of the styles that are offered today, says Jonas Magnusson, founder and creative director.

The products are of high quality. The specially woven unique linen comes from the Baltics while manufacturing is done in Portugal. All products in the collection can be mixed and matched to create a relaxed and unique look for the bedroom.


We simply believe that the bed is far too exciting place to be made with boring and uninspiring bed linen, Jonas Magnusson continues.

Dirty Linens first collection consists of duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. The products are available in single and double sizes and in both linen and cotton. The collection is be available at select stores from now on (September 2013).

Bed linen from Dirty linen

Dirty linen

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  1. arjoo says:

    Sep 30, 2013

    brand should be updated and carry uniqcity iclike your prasantation .

  2. Ruth says:

    Oct 3, 2013

    It made me look twice and think twice because of the name DIRTY, I first thought it was a description rather than a brand hahaha.

  3. davetiye says:

    Jan 31, 2014

    Bu konudaki birkaç şeyi anlamadım ama herhalde bir kerede çevirisini atıp denemem lazım olabilir.

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