Dress made out of trash

Swedish designer Johanna Törnqvist is making garments out of recycled textile and plastic material. She is combining craft and fashion into her meticulously handmade and unique necklaces and clothes. She´s refining recycled material, pleated and stitched together with the same precision as haute couture, to make a statement about our daily consumption. In her work she wants to erase the boundaries between craft, fashion and folklore and give a new perspective of what folklore is today.

Precious trash 2 Johanna Törnqvist

Precious trash is a dress made out of recycled material, based on one familys consumption of coffe and pasta for 2 months. To make the dress trash has been processed and refined to become precious material.

Precious trash 5 Johanna Törnqvist

With this dress you will shine and at the same time make a statement about your daily consumption of plastic, says Johanna Törnqvist.

Precious trash 3 Johanna Törnqvist

Precious Trash has now been selected as a finalist at Nordic Art Insight – a contest organised by Svanen/Nordic Ecolabelling to raise the awareness about sustainable consumerism. If you like you can vote for Precious Trash before the 31 st of August by clicking here.

Precious trash 4 Johanna Törnqvist

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