Belatchew Architects presents a visionary idea called STRAWSCRAPER, the first project to come out of their  business called Belatchew Labs. STRAWSCRAPER is an extension of the south tower on Södermalm in Stockholm with a new energy-producing shell covered with hairs that can extract wind energy.


What was originally meant to be 40 storeys became only 26. The South Tower on Södermalm in central Stockholm was completed in 1997, but the architect Henning Larsen had then dropped out of the mission after having lost control over the design of the tower.


Belatchew Architects want to give South tower its original proportions and at the same time explore new technologies to create the future of urban wind farming. By using the so-called Piezoelectric technology a large number of thin ribs produce electricity only through the small movements generated by the wind. The result opens up possibilities for how buildings can produce energy in the future. Surfaces on both existing and new buildings can suddenly be converted into energy producing units.

energy producing architecture

Furthermore, an additional aspect is revealed when the constant movement of the straws creates an undulating landscape on the facades. What is usually considered to be the most static of all things, the building, suddenly comes alive and the construction gives the impression of a body that is breathing, says Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, founder of Belatchew Architects.

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