Today I  listened to “The Entrepreneurs” – a weekly radio show on on that focuses on people who run their own business or aim to. The topic was business who sell products that are meant to be re-used, mended and kept for life.

One of the interviews was w. Jake Bronstein from the American menswear company, Flint And Tinder. They recently launched a project on Kickstarter that broke all records on funding for clothing. In 2 months the company became the top funding fashion project ever on Kickstarter with their very simple brand formula – Clothes locally made with a lasting value promise!

“Over time, every stitch tells a story. As the years go on, this sweatshirt will become more and more unique, comfortable, recognizable and your own! Built for life and backed with a guarantee like none other”


The project was to create and craft a humble hoodie that will last a lifetime, a sweater of such great quality that it even comes with free mending… Instead of buying a piece of clothing and getting tired of it. This piece of clothing comes with a quality label and value promise of update when it’s needed whether for fixing or aesthetic purposes.

“It’s not that it’s so cheap that we can replace it; It’s so well made that we’ll mend it free of charge.”



Their point isn’t that manufacturing must be made locally to secure quality, but that quality should be prioritized and it creates jobs in a stressed economy! …and why not go to the extend where the company takes responsibility and wants to stay involved with it’s customers while the use their premium product.

They even go to the same extend with their underwear!

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