We just got a couple of images from French designer Inga Sempé showing two of her exhibitions during this years Stockholm Design Week. The first four images shows the exhibition called “Inga Sempé, illuminated by Wästberg” held in the center of the city at the Ice skating pavilion, showing mockups and sketches.

Inga Sempe in Stockholm

Inga Sempe exhibition

Inga Sempe at Stockholm design week

The Ice skating pavilion

The following images shows Inga Sempé’s exhibition as the guest of honour at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

I had to settle a 200 m² lounge for the visitors in the entrance hall. The aim was to keep it apart from the crowd and excitement. A square space closed by delicate textile walls showcased many projects of mine displayed on different platforms like rooms, says Inga Sempé.

Inga Sempe at Stockholm furniture fair

Inga Sempe furniture

Inga Sempe Furniture in Stockholm

Inga Sempe furniture

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  1. Adidas Porsche Design says:

    Mar 6, 2012

    very nice. tks for your sharing.

  2. Angel says:

    Jun 11, 2012

    This is definitely LOVELY!
    I love the modern look, really cozy.
    Thanks, I love this a lot.

    Angel from pression pneu quad 

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