Glass design by contemporary artist Bruce Munro

Contemporary artist and luminaire designer Bruce Munro has been commissioned to create a pendant light for a tall and narrow stairwell in London. The result is a piece of illuminated sculpture, a funky piece which references early scientific instruments.

It’s like a cross between a cooling tower and a Van de Graaff Generator, says Bruce Munro.

The illuminated scultpture by Bruce Munro

Munro was inspired, as so often, by the actual site: a mirrored narrow space. He designed a 6.5 meter tall fibre-optic pendant made of 30 hand blown glass spheres threaded with 30 optic fibres, which has recently been installed in a London property.

It’s exhilarating when clients choose my more quirky ideas” says Munro with delight. I can be more adventurous with my designs, and in the end, everybody’s happy!