Table designed by Matti Klenell
After a visit at the glass factory in the Nuutajärvi village in the middle of Finland, Swedish designer Matti Klenell found a very special design by Kaj Franck. It ended up with a personal interpretation of the table as a homage to the great Finnish designer.

Close up picture of the Matti Klenell table

Table form the top with glass object visibla

The Nuutajärvi village in the middle of Finland has one major industry and that is their famous glass factory. Over the years masters such as Tapio Wirkkala and Kaj Franck worked here as artistic leaders and much of their designs are still in production by Iittala who the factory now belongs to. In the 1970ies Kaj Franck designed a small museum dedicated to glass in an old building that used to serve as a brewery. It’s a beautiful space with an almost mysterious aura. One of the items on display stayed in my mind long after paying my first visit. It was a low table with strange legs. On the table top there was a map showing the Nuutajärvi surroundings displayed under a glass surface and on top of that laid a thick piece of solid glass to use as a magnifying glass enabeling you to properly read all the details of the layout. I decided to design a remake of it. Something different but with an echo of what I remembered from the museum. My table is made of solid ash wood and the top is an engraved glass sheet. The detailed drawing is based on various sketches I made during the project and took me four days to engrave. -Matti Klenell

Below you can see some images of the original table by Kaj Franck.

Table designed by Kaj Franck

Table with glass object by Kaj Franck

The table is on display in the exhibition “Kokeshi” at Galleri IngerMolin in Stockholm starting on September 24. Further objects from the exhbition to be presented in a separate article.

Photos of Matti Klenell’s table by Jason Strong.