Arik Levy with head inside the WellofLife lamp

Arik Levy, who already experimented working with ceramic, sees this material as both magical and very primitive. The material’s raw aspect, its endless shaping possibilities and the fact that one cannot foresee what will come out of the oven, are what attracted Levy in working with it. The dialog Arik was able to establish with the ceramic expert who manufactured the WellOfLife pieces was an important part of the creation process.

A couple of WellOfLife lamps by Arik Levy
The interaction between the material’s texture and the color, that becomes «liquid» when set in the light, makes each piece look as if it were in constant evolution.

A lamp called WellOfLife by Arik Levy

The mat dark gray (elephant skin color) outside and the smooth yet strong colored enamel inside create the contrast I was looking for and bring color into space : a soft color reflection will drop on the walls, while the ceiling will get a white light – Arik Levy.

Lamps designed by Arik Levy

In many traditions and in everyday life Light is Life…. I wanted to combine this idea with the story of catching the light in a water bucket, from which I got the inspiration for the Well – Arik Levy.