The Music Project by Todd Bracher

The Music Project by Todd Bracher is a visual interpretation of the universal language of music, a harmony of sound, design and science. Signifying a shift in the design process toward collective creativity, The Music Project engaged a web of disciplines: Brooklyn-based industrial designer Todd Bracher, a team of software engineers, the sounds of musicians, and the Shaw Contract Group Design Studio. The collection uses graphical interpretations of musical genres to create visual patterns. Design is sound.

Music project by Todd Bracher for Shaw contract group

Whatever I design, my goal from the outset is to capture meaning and make it universal.  That’s why I turned to music for my inspiration. It’s a primitive art form that crosses cultures and breaks barriers. It’s something that we all relate to. The Music Project is not just stripes or patterns. A firm or office can say that their space is about classical music. Now, it represents something to them. Whether it’s classical, jazz, ambient or electronic music, people can relate to what’s in the space, says Todd Bracher.

The Music project - person walking on the wall

This entire collaborative process has been a search for a concept that was relevant to designers, end users, and new markets. We wanted to create a way to make flooring more accessible and relatable. This has been a valuable exercise for the whole team, me in particular, but we have achieved our goal of defining the meaning of a space, says Todd Bracher.

Grey and black carpets

The color line for the collection was inspired by lighting effects found in music venues around the world. This energy was carried through to our product photography to give a sense of place and convey the moods that the musical genres can create. The carpet patterns scale the walls and envelope the space the way music fills a room and surrounds you, says Reesie Duncan, creative director for Shaw Contract Group

Grey and black carpets from the Music Project

The Music project - silence

About Todd Bracher
Todd Bracher, founder of Todd Bracher Studio LLC, is a Designer and Educator currently based in New York City after a decade working in Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and London. Todd has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious brands from furniture and object design to interiors and architecture. Todd has been pinned as ‘America’s next great Designer’ by the NY Daily News as well as received several nominations for Designer of the year in 2008 and 2009. His experiences range from working independently, heading Tom Dixon’s Design studio, acting Professor of Design at l’ESAD in Reims France, to having been appointed Creative Director of the Scandinavian luxury brand Georg Jensen.

About Shaw Contract Group
Shaw Contract Group defines design not only by great appearance, but also performance and sustainability. The result is long-lasting carpet with vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and minimal environmental impact. As a division of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract Group combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.

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