A Porcelain character by Remedios Vincent

Remedios Vincent is presenting a series of FEEAS, porcelain characters, made to dislike. They have been created from broken pieces of porcelain, bought in antique markets and recomposed, not in the most correct way, but in the funniest and most macabre way that occurred to him.
Two proceline figures meeting each other

I try to preserve the antique patina that they had when they came into my hands as much as possible, that is to say that I don’t clean them and if possible, neither do I break them any more than they already were, in an attempt to preserve the traces of their history.

Porcelain hand holding a pair of eyes

Nor do I try to beautify the unions, I like them as they are, ugly, damaged, malign, a little Frankenstein, but tender deep down. Although I consider them to be artistic pieces, I usually use them as broaches or rings.

A porcelain doll with a large arm

I hope you like them, or not, that is what they are made for.

Porcelain doll with a flower

Porcelain horse with a large back leg

A porcelain character with a strange head

A procelain head looking out between legs

A head and the rest of the body

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