The narrow streets of Western harbour with Turning Torso in the background

The Western Harbour 2011 is the sixth book in a series by Swedish American photographer Joakim Lloyd Raboff. It is a document about the ongoing development in the Western Harbour, an former abandon industrial area in Malmö, Sweden.

Western harbour from above with green roofs.

The area is now an international icon in the green urban development world with its small scale architecture, green roofs and integrated sustainable energy solutions.

The Western Harbour has sustainable energy solutions with wind and solar power.

For the new book, Mr Raboff has literally raised his photography to new heights, shooting from helicopters, planes and cranes to give viewers new perspectives and angles of the areas expansive growth and architectural diversity.

The skateboard arena in Western Harbour called Stapelbäddssparken

Several of the book’s over 100 photos were also taken from on top of the Turning Torso – one of Europe’s tallest residential skyscrapers, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Turning Torso rising above the clouds

The “Western Harbour 2011” also contains photographs from several reoccurring events in the seaside area as well as current facts and figures in both Swedish and English.

People hanging out by the sea in the Western Harbour area

Click here if you would like to check out the book in a low-res pdf before ordering it.

Here is a gallery with more than 500 images from the Western Harbour.

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