You connect the blood pressure tracker to either your iPhone, iPad or iPod

eliumstudio has designed the first connected blood pressure monitor for the new French company Withings which transforms your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a blood pressure tracker. A small revolution in the design world since the intelligence of physical objects is from now on handed over to a third device, at the same time reducing its weight, functions and constraints.

The blood pressure tracker folded together.

The blood pressure monitor armband remains inert until it comes to life and functions when simply connected to your iPhone or iPad. As with Pinocchio, with the magic of digital, man has brought matter to life once again. Thereby the Withings blood pressure monitor records the measurements, calculates the averages, traces the graph of your blood pressure and makes it easy to share results with your doctor.

The design is minimalistic.

The Withings blood pressure monitor and the Withings Smart baby monitor also by eliumstudio will be presented as part of the “Objet (s) du numérique, design d’un nouveau monde industriel” (Digital Objects, New Industrial World Design) exhibition at the Lieu du Design from 18th May 2011 to 23rd July 2011, 74 rue du Fbg St Antoine 75011 Paris.

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