simple and clear ringtones

Cleartones is an elegant solution for the problem with ordinary ringtones, which are often far from elegant and clean.

Like the shoes you wear, a ringtone is part of your outfit. It says something about you. And, just like with shoes, you have a choice. You might choose one of the standard ringtones and sound like everyone else, or get a custom one. Ringtones should be mood-less, personal and unobtrusive. They should gently add a functional sound to the soundscape of our lives: Like a ripple in the sand of a curvy desert dune or sparks of sunlight reflecting in the water.

desert image showing the clearness of the ringtones

As a sounddesigner I pay a lot of attention to the sounds of our everyday life and what they communicate. We are surrounded by electronic devices, almost all of which make sound. But many times, the sound is not as well designed as the device itself. That’s one of the reasons why I created Cleartones. A ringtone is oftentimes rude and annoying, while it should be unobtrusive yet functional. It should be clear to it’s owner without disturbing anyone else, that’s the essence of a good ringtone, says Hugo Verweij, founder of Cleartones.

cleartones simple ringtones

You can try out some Cleartones by paying with a tweet or a Facebook comment via Cleartones web. Images by Joachim Baan.

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  1. paul says:

    May 31, 2011

    sorry. i listened to the Cleartones samples and I did not find them to be much if any improvement over typical ringontes. i was disappointed. maybe Brian Eno can make some nice ones.

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    Jul 18, 2015

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