The launch of Höganäsgruppen, a brand of hand-made high-quality Swedish ceramic objects with a contemporary and fresh design, marks the beginning of a new era for Swedish ceramic design. Where other leading brands have chosen to place all production in low-salary countries far away, Höganäsgruppen opted for the opposite strategy. All production is local and the pay-off is ”Made in Sweden”.

Swedish ceramics from new brand Höganäsgruppen

The city of Höganäs in Sweden used to be synonymous with pottery but today all the local brands have been purchased by internationals with production in the Far East and ”Made in Sweden” has become a thing of the past. With Höganäsgruppen we hope to gather the local vast manufacturing knowledge and experience of working with stoneware and once again offer beautifully designed and locally produced ceramic objects, says Catherine Djurklou, Head Designer at Höganäsgruppen.

Examples of ceramics from Höganäsgruppen

The artists and potters that have contributed to our first collection all have their own unique expressions which is precisely the way we want it to be. Höganäsgruppen is all about offering things of beauty that cater to individual tastes, the common denominators being highest possible quality and local manufacture, says Catherine Djurklou.