Moss gallery in New York invited Kiki van Eijk to create a series of 14 mantel clocks in metal wire with 14 different materials and finishings. Each clock has the same shape, but a totally different and unique appearance with its hand knotted structure and special finish. It tells a story about time; how we look at objects, judge them, how we feel about them and how our vision towards them changes within time.

The mantel clocks will be exhibited as follows: May 14th – June 30th: Moss gallery, New York, June 4th – November 27th: Venice Biennale of Art, GLASSTRESS 2011, June 14th – 18th: Design Miami/Basel, Vivid Gallery

Kiki holding the clocks from the exhibition One More Time.

“In this exhibition we celebrate the possibilities of fraternity; brotherhood, but with individuality.” –Murray Moss, founder of Moss gallery.

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