A white lomopraphy camera

Still the world is struck dumb with horror looking back on the tragedy that hit Japan last month and people around the world are standing in awe of the strength of our Japanese friends. Before the disaster struck, Lomography was working on a special edition dedicated to the Golden Week in Japan. After what happened, they decided to launch this edition but add a charity aspect to it to show respect and offer help to their Japanese friends.

One of the japan cameras from the front

Three cameras, the Diana Mini JIYU (Freedom), the Diana F+ KIRAMEKI (Sparkling) and the Fisheye 2 SHIA- WASE (Happiness) were designed for the most joyful time in Japan and will bring some hope to Japan. To give financial aid Lomography will donate 20.000 Euros to the Red Cross to support the reconstruction of a country so precious and beautiful

Close up of lomography camera with flash

red sticker saying lomography loves japan

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