The Weaving Love, Creating Hope Competition calls on designers from across the globe to get involved to help support the local independent weavers in Bangladesh. Grameen means village in Bangla.  The traditional check-patterned fabric is woven in cotton and has long been an active local industry.  Interested participants are asked to submit designs that represent the spirit of “Hope” in a brand-defining pattern in the style of Grameen check as well as ideas for its creative use.  One category calls for the creation of textile patterns while a second category seeks innovative new products crafted from the check material.  A jury of DESIGN 21 Advisory Board members and representatives of the Grameen Felissimo initiative will select the winners in each category to receive $3,000.  There may be more than one prize awarded in the product category. Winning submissions will become products produced by Grameen Fabrics and Fashion and distributed through Grameen Felissimo. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2011.