Alain Gilles has developed Collage modular sofa tables for Bonaldo. Below is a video explaining the possibilities of these tables.


These modular sofa tables have something to do with memories, vivid memories of odd shapes spotted in unusual places…. Or, how existing, recycled shapes, can give birth to a concept, a movement and new functionalities. It is the persisting image of an awkward collection of frameless mirrors of various sizes and obviously belonging to different eras that caught my eyes on a flea market and eventually gave birth to this collage of tables. Just like a “collage” art piece, these fragments of mental images have been extracted out of their original context and functionalities, and reassembled in order to generate a new entity with new function. In some versions, the concept of the collage is further emphasized by the used of different colors/material per “module” –Alain Gilles.