“Coquelicot” -A new family of candle holders designed by Matti Klenell is now on display at the Gallery Pascale, Humlegårdsgatan 5, Stockholm. The installation will be up until February the 5th.

When working with light I am interested in the relation between the immaterial light and the materiality or texture of the object being the reflector. This is something that I can see in many of my previous lighting projects and it also served as starting point for this small scale design. My intention was to create a candle holder that reflects and takes use of the surrounding light just as well as the light coming from the flame it carries. I wanted to see if the immaterial light could bind different shapes together creating one unity. Working with paper models I tested this idea in several directions and the first models became a lot more abstract and also annoyingly complicated.

In the end I decided to continue to work with a quite depicting design where flat, irregular sheets are folded up like stylized flower leafs to become reflectors for the candle flame. By placing the leaf shaped cups on stems in various heights they start to reflect and emit each other, creating a poetic unity of light, shadow and color. It honestly took a while to accept that it didn’t have to be more complicated than this to create what I initially strived for.

As a bonus the client had also asked for a product suitable as a gift and what could then be better than a group of flowers that never fades?

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