Anthony Hill is a photographer living in Stockholm. Born in a colourful seventies England. Here at David Report we like his work very much. Therefore we met up with Anthony and asked him about his most recent photos of Galleri Örsta in Kumla Sweden, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.


I initially trained as a still life photographer and had worked with interior magazines such as Elle Decoration (UK) and Elle Deco (US) before being lured into the glamourous world of fashion!


As an assistant I was lucky enough to work alongside some incredible photographers and learn from them. At that time it felt that fashion photography allowed more creativity, with designers such as Alexander McQueen producing incredible garments, it didn’t take much to create fantasy in images. I was living in East London and surrounded by exciting editorials such as The Face, Dazed and ID, so understandably wanted to be part of that whole scene.


I relocated to Stockholm seven years ago and over the past couple of years I have started to become more and more fascinated with design and architecture, maybe its an age thing, but I appreciate it far more now, it’s inspiring. Apparently the wheel can be re-invented, over and over again it seems.


I made a decision to start producing personal projects involving design and architecture but attempt them in an unconventional way, ideally utilising styles and techniques I had used within my fashion work. I feel very fortunate to come from an ‘analogue’ photographic background and although I embrace digital technique and technology I prefer to try and marry the two.


Earlier this year I worked with Claesson Koivisto Rune on the book ‘smaller objects’ which I found to be a really inspiring project, so when Mårten mentioned the new Örsta gallery I was intrigued, and felt compelled to visit. I tend to view architectural photography as extremely factual, technical and precise.


Maybe this isn’t the case but I wanted to stay well clear of that style and instead create a mood, something a little more flamboyant, attempt to capture the presence of the structure, the buildings soul I suppose. I travelled to Kumla, where the gallery is situated and managed to shoot for an hour or so before nightfall and then returned very early the following morning to shoot the interior…




The gallery officially opens on Saturday, Oct 2nd.

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  1. losangeles says:

    Oct 8, 2010

    Wow, these are really fantastic shots! It’s really fresh to see something new in architectural photography.

  2. Trouwreportage says:

    Jan 31, 2011

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