While flowers assorted our most important moment in life: from birth and romance to marriage and procreating, there is only one comparable modern-day object that mystically embodies the same symbolism: scented candles. In a noisy world where a new awareness is arising, scented candles have become a companion in our most fulfilling and luxurious quest: stillness and calm.

Calming Park presents from February 5th – 20th 2010 the exhibition “Art & Candle” at Holm, Zürich. A selection of CALMING PARK candles will be available for purchase in the boutique. The work of seven internationally renomated artists, reveals how the stillness and calm of scented candles meet luxury, fashion, music, spirituality, graphic and visual arts.

The first product released in the series is “Dark Pepper” by Bruno Pieters. It’s a more peppery version of “Amber- Pepper”, the first candle he designed for the CALMING PARK collection unveiled in Milan in October 2009 at “10 Corso Como” during the 2010 spring/summer fashion week. True to Bruno Pieters’ style, “Dark Pepper” is a chic and minimalist candle wrapped in black glass, whose scent is inspired by his favourite Men’s eau de toilette.

The other artists involved in “Art & Candle” are Arielle Dombasle, OeO, Sabina Sciubba, Kristina Dryza (you know her as contributor to this blog!), Bruno Peinado and Agi Simoes.

Sabina Sciubba has put together a project where the candle becomes the point of collision between music and video. In the song “So Close And Yet So Far”, the dim light of a Calming Park candle accompanies her guitar performance. Sabina Sciubba has taken this opportunity to reveal that she is a true fan of the SPA De Provence CALMING PARK candle.


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