The new issue of unique polish magazine FUTU is presented by an eye-catching video. As an alternative way of design magazine presentation you can watch page by page and listen to the music. It’s a begining of a series – every new issue of FUTU will be complemented by a supporting video.

FUTU brings new look to design, photography, fashion and luxury by combining most advanced publishing techniques with newest trends in graphic design and typography. FUTU8 SUSTAINABILITY was creating in a cooperation with Frost design studio from Sydney. Its all focused on responsibility, ecology, thinking about the future for the next generations. FUTU is a phenomena on a magazine market – every issue is designed by a different, best studios all around the world. /Studio8 Design from London, Albert Folch from Barcelona/Frost Design Australia.

There are some interesting writers as well… In this new issue of FUTU I have as editor-in-chief of David Report, on six pages, delivered a checklist for sustainability!

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