The innovative design company Muuto works with the leading Scandinavian designers to add new chapters to the strong Scandinavian design tradition. With the introduction of Muuto Talent Award, the Scandinavian design company has now called for the next generation of designers to give their perspective on New Nordic design.

In spring 2009, 20 design schools from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland were invited to participate in the contest and with an overwhelming number of participants, the first Muuto Talent Award exceeded the company’s expectations.

The winning design has now been chosen and it was graduating design students from Konstfack in Stockholm, Petter Thörne and Anders Johnsson and their KEEP Table made from leftover wood and waste material who won. The surprising and eco-friendly material choice combined with the simple, yet undeniably Scandinavian design were among the jury’s reasons for choosing Anders and Petter’s table.

“The designers and Muuto have a joint mission to put Scandinavia back on the International design scene so we are thrilled that so many young designers were interested in the Muuto Talent Award” – Kristian Byrge, Director, Muuto.

“The Muuto Talent Award is a great acknowledgement, especially since it is coming from a young and innovative company like Muuto.” – Petter Thörne and Anders Johnsson.


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