peak cycle

Sometimes product design makes me really happy! Soon we can take a ride on Peak’s new bicycles, designed by talented Swedish designer Erik Nohlin. He has managed to re-create the actual sign of the bike, taken away all the blingbling. And what is left is pure function – and pure beauty! I am looking forward to a bright spring on the roads!


peak bicycle

peak cycle

This is a post by David Report contributor Hanna Ljungström.

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  2. keno says:

    Feb 26, 2009

    this is EXACTLY the same bike that messengers all over the world have been riding for the past 20 years. It would love it if the designer actually brought some sort of innovation to the table but there is none and so I beg you to please stop trying to make something out of nothing. this encourages mediocrity. What you have here is nothing more than a fixed gear track bike. No innovation, no new ideas, zero, zilch. Learn the problem, then provide a solution. There is nothing here. Sorry, but that’s the plain truth. Innovate within the tight mechanical constraints of a bicycle and I’ll be the first to applaud. Let’s see it. Come on. Bring it.

  3. Erik Nohlin says:

    Feb 26, 2009

    Dear Keno.

    Innovation is great, sometimes. The purpose of this design is not to reinvent the track bike over again, but to pinpoint only the necessary and present a bicycle close to the basic idea of this fantastic innovation. As You say, what we have here is nothing more than a fixed gear track bike, thats the whole idea!

    The forced seek for innovation has often corrupted the bicycle industry with much to complicated components of poor quality since a low priced bicycle is what most people wants. The combination of complexity and low price has been devestating to the bicyle culture and I will not fan that fire.

    Obviously, sometimes the simplest things are not worth trying to reinvent, instead embrace it and put Your own touch to it. From a closer perspective, You will se and feel the unique touch this bike has even if it looks like all the rest of the bikes You have seen. There is great hidden innovation on this bike. The black reflective seat post and headbadge is such one. It doesn´t stand out, it´s not a remarkable innovation but it hasn´t got to be one.

    Look at the T-shirt. It´s been done a million times with different quality, colors and prints but in my eyes the basic plain black, designed one hundred year ago, is still my pick. The need of a good looking quality bicycle is present in Sweden and since the market is open to one, I designed this collection of 100 bikes.

    Simple idea – simple bicycle – I love simplicity.

    If You have cravings for innovation and more complicated bikes, I do that also, Look at the MuskOx concept: or the Hexagon concept:

    Best regards

    Erik Nohlin
    Bicycledesigner MFA
    KiD/ Kikki Industrial Design

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