The Peepoo bag by PeePoople is a really great invention which I have written about before, especially its life saving capacity. It came to my knowledge that there is a new presentation video of the Peepoo bag at Youtube and of course I will publish it immediately.

Still, 40% of the worlds population don’t have a toilet. It’s one of the worlds most serious problems. As a consequence, one child in the world dies every 15 seconds due to contaminated water. The innovative Peepoo bag doesn’t need any infrastructure and there is no investment cost. Peepoo is a personal single use toilet and it’s simply designed for the people with the weakest purchasing power in the world. It can offer them health, safety, privacy and hygiene.

22 Januari Peepoople did a presentation of the project at WHO in Geneva. I cross my fingers for Peepoo to be successful!

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