We are happy to announce a brand new issue of the David Report bulletin. In this issue we will bring forward five key design trends, that we believe in one way or another will change the future. We will leave the surface to instead go in depth and relate our five key design trends to social, economical and ecological patterns and phenomena’s over the entire global-local scale. Because we are firm believers that a design trend is worthless unless put in a social macro perspective.

What is good design? Who decides what good design is and what types of products, processes and services will we see in the future? Which effects does design have on our lives, on our future society and cultural movements? How may better and more culturally connected design be created?

We call our 5 key design trends: Cooltural, Rationaissance, Responsibiz, Sensuctive and Breaking Boundaries.

Click this link to be in the know: 5 key design trends (and yes, it’s free!)

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  1. Johan Ronnestam says:

    Oct 19, 2008

    Great read! I’ll post something on this tomorrow!

    Best regards

  2. […] Report writes about five key design trends and relates them in depth to […] social, economical and ecological patterns and phenomena’s […]

  3. David Carlson says:

    Oct 21, 2008

    Johan, thank you very much for spreading the word!

  4. Tilda B. Hervé says:

    Oct 22, 2008

    clipped and precise, like it much more than the visions from li edelkoort.

  5. kim says:

    Oct 22, 2008


    This is well done. I happen to concur on most but especially how we will buy less but buy better. Consumerism is so yesterday, Ha!

    I also have to concur with Tilda’s comment; I read Li Edelkoort’s prognostications in Fast Company and it suggested to me why perhaps so much has gone wrong. Sometimes too many people get their stuff from the same source which is why we wind up having so much look and be the same. I’ve looked up to Li Edlekoort for a time…..but I’ll recommend myself or you.

    Future Laboratory’s comments were well said also, but as a rule, I find them to just be timely not necessarily forward thinking.

    Design has become ugly and I’m wondering when that happened. Just briefly I think it has had to do with people just not designing for one reason or the other, or trying to take design so far afield it no longer serves a purpose. We need to use the stuff for God’s sake. Also in attempting new technologies, there have been mistakes. But given time, these mistakes will become softer and more meaningful, well, hopefully.

    But thanks for the report. It’s a good read and does thankfully touch on the recession. People have to but they haven’t. It’s as if they think “well if I ignore this long enough, it will go away.” Not this time. This time it’s different. This time is a game changer. The bubble has burst and we’ve taken our 10 steps backwards in order to take our two steps forward. In the end, we will all be better for it, but the process is without question, painful.

  6. David Carlson says:

    Oct 22, 2008

    Tilda and Kim, thank you very much for your comments on the latest report. I’m happy to read that you find it interesting!!

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  8. sac burberry says:

    Jun 10, 2011

    10-11 seasons, MBT schuhe the Prim era Lira,

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