As a company, you can choose either to just be on the internet, or to fit in your commercial offer so it captures all the opportunities that a full feathered internet concept will give you. Communication pro John Mellkvist, entrepreneur behind the design company and the fashion community shares his best advice on how to build and market a brand on internet.


1. Find your signature product
Hermès has their scarf, Lacoste has their polo shirt. Identify your signature product or service. Internet is big and thick so you need a sharp edge.
A collaboration with another specialist – from a different field of business – will create a unique offer as well a big surprise, that will draw media attention.

2. Make sure your welcome page communicates. A commercial web concept needs to be much more direct compared to a physical company. What are you selling, what’s the price of it?  Write out your concept in editable text (i e not flash or similar) on page one as well as in the headline/frame of your web page. Display your concept in a 1,2,3-process. Don’t sit on your information. Share it! This will make you an authority.

3. Create a blog linking to your web page. Or even better, collaborate with a well known blogger blogging from your page. This will make your content more dynamic and increase search.

4. Google Adwords and Analytics
Good for traffic, but be careful with your budget – use only a few keywords if you don’t want to pay for a lot of irrelevant clicks. Monitor it with Google Analytics.

5. Organise your e-mail network and communicate what you do continuously. Create an e-mail signature explaining your concept in a short line of text. Did someone write or say something good about you? – enclose hyperlinks. And don’t neglect Facebook. It’s easy to call it an adult toy. But also easy enough to use as a marketing tool.

6. Be brave – contact the best in your field. If you get along, ask for a quote or a good luck to publish on your site.

7. Think local. Just because everyone can see you doesn’t mean they will. Instead, start by building success in a small community, and go from there.

8. Overkill. As a webshop, replace human touch with small or big surprise, like the amuse (or the birthday cake) at the restaurant.

9. Banner advertising. Good for an ”I’ve seen that” effect. But before counting clicks consider; how many banners do you really click on?

10. Get real. The more internet based your concept is, the more it will gain from an ambassador in the real world.


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  3. ianmalone says:

    Jul 28, 2010

    thanks for this tips.. I am into business and I am starting it online.. because I market is really wide. and because of that I need to have lots of research about online business thanks for the tips..

  4. Sindy Miles says:

    Jan 24, 2011

    Nice background, your posts were very good to read and it was something related to me.

  5. Nathanial Garron says:

    Jan 24, 2011

    Don’t really understand what you’re trying to get at here.. Sounds like you’re just hating haha :p Other people might understand where you’re coming from but I’m just giving my own opinion so please do not take it personally! haha

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