The list of speakers for the Designboost Boost Talks on October 16th is now full and includes international top names like architect Jeffrey Inaba, creative director and designer Ilse Crawford, designer Michael Young and architect and urban planner Jaime Lerner.

The speakers will bring forward interesting questions and show good best practice example which concerns a holistic view on sustainable cities, the theme for Designboost this year.

The speakers are:

Michael Young  – designer, Hong Kong
Ilse Crawford – creative director and designer, United Kingdom
Jeffrey Inaba – architect, USA
Jaime Lerner – architect and urban planner, Brazil
Bjarke Ingels  – architect, Denmark
Shari Swan – consumer insight, Holland
Gert Wingårdh – architect, Sweden
Lisa White – horticulturalist, United Kingdom
Alex Steffen – sustainable writer, USA
Jody Turner – trend research, USA
Ilkka Suppanen – designer, Finland
Kristina Dryza – design strategist, Australia
Sante Poromaa – zen buddhist teacher, Sweden
Maria Cecilia Loschiavo – environmental design and philosophy, Brazil
Cay Bond – trend analyst, Sweden
Antoni Vives – economist/politician/writer, Spain
Anders Wilhelmsson – architect, Sweden
Guido Verijke – deputy business area manager textiles, Belgium
Christer Larsson – director of cityplanning/Malmö, Sweden
John Manoochehri – sustainability designer, United Kingdom
Thomas Ermacora – sustainability designer, Germany

You can register for the Boost Talks here.

As I have mentioned befire I’m one of the founders of Designboost which is a company with focus on sharing knowledge and experience on how design is influencing and shaping our environment.
The Designboost Boost is an annual profile event, which aims to start internal and external dialogues in companies and organisations concerning their contribution to sustainable development. This year the Designboost Boost takes place October 15-17 with a Boost Show (formerly known as exhibition) stretching out to November 16.


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