The new V model from Swedish bicycle producer Skeppshult is a faceted bike with small wheels and great personality. It’s designed by Swedish Björn Dahlström.

It’s a practical bike for the short transports. Where do you put your computer, the bread and last but not least, where do you put your helmet when you are leaving the bike? These are questions that where taking care of when Björn Dahlström developed the V model and designed all the accessories like boxes, bags, parcel carriers and baskets. All the accessories are made to be attached conveniently on the frame of the bike.

You can choose your favourite colour like graphic white or black or a splashing red, yellow or green. I’m really happy every time I find a new smart bike. The new V by Björn Dahlström makes urban commuting a pleasure.



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  1. pengdo's me2DAY says:

    Jul 29, 2008

    펭도의 느낌…

    자전거라면 이 정도는 되어야.. /via David Report/…

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