French designer Ora-Ito and real estate entrepreneurs have teamed up with a new concept of luxury housing and resorts around the globe. The new brand is called LH&R-Luxury Houses & Resorts, a Paris based development-design joint venture. Advanced design will be delivered through the O-BY ORA-ITO brand. The O team will be the lifestylers of the new generation to meet people’s expectations for their living and working spaces. Leila Othman, O director and Partner said “People want a different lifestyle, a design that opens their space and that is environmental friendly. I believe that O is an answer to such expectations”. The developments are based on four design pillars through “the O collection”: Urban Loft, Natural Chic, Pop Fun and Neo Barocco. Not sure if I would like to live in the last one though… Neo Barocco, the name reminds me of the pompous experiments of Jaime Hayon, Studio Job and other raiders of the Vulgarism movement. Don’t know of it is good for Ora-Ito to go down that lane… Anyway, it will be interesting to follow the new venture.

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