Sorapot is designer Joey Roth’s modern take on the teapot. As the first product he’s releasing under his own brand, the teapot was designed to emphasise one of his favourite things in life – the unfurling of tea leaves.

He designed Sorapot for the green and oolong teas that he loves. As Roth explains, “these teas show their character over the course of multiple short steepings and do best when they have full run of the entire pot so they can expand completely. This is impossible with the small mesh baskets in most teapots, so I designed the entire body of Sorapot to essentially be the basket.” This means that the tube also acts as a sensual window onto the process of the leaves unfurling.

Sorapot’s closest teapot relative is the small Yixing pot that’s central to the Chinese tea ceremony. Roth wanted Sorapot to function like a Yixing, but to emphasise the tea leaves themselves.

But ancient tea ceremonies weren’t his only source of inspiration. As he says, “I’ve always loved teapots because there’s so much variation within the category. Any vessel that pours in a tight stream and insulates the user’s hand from heat could qualify. Like chairs and lamps, I feel that a teapot is a chance for designers to articulate their DNA, since there is so much room for experimentation.”

Roth feels the Sorapot perfectly communicates his approach to design – sustainable, mindful and narrative-based. Of equal importance though is that the teapot also makes great tea. To show how Sorapot brews the tea leaves, Roth created a demonstration video on Youtube (see above).

But tea especially is one of those things in life that can’t be looked at in isolation. So Roth’s website also links to tea blogs he loves, and discusses such topics as modern tea tools and the concept of topography to teacup. In Roth’s words, “leaves, hot water, and a teapot or cup combine to form a complete universe, which you then get to drink up.” Enjoyed on your own, or in the company of friends, a cup of tea is still one of life’s great pleasures. 





Courtesy of Joey Roth, this is the first time these four images of the Sorapot have been published.

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