Swedish house producer Willa Nordic is launching a new prefabricated house concept based on ecological values. The Eco House is constructed in raw wood and renewable materials and has extra insulation in walls and roof for minimum energy consumption. There is also a well constructed pre-separation at source and the built-in pergola will change the look of the house when the herbage grows. At the same time the green gives a better air situation and the look of the house will change with the seasons. The target group is the design conscious family that would like to live a sustainable life at an affordable price.

The architect behind the project is Rahel Belatchew Lerdell. She was appointed Architect of the Year by receiving ‘Det Stora Formpriset’ (Swedish for ‘The Great Design Award’) from Residence Magazine 2006 and was also recently nominated by Wallpaper magazine as one of the world’s most interesting architects.





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  1. WebOL says:

    Dec 12, 2007

    David, did you know that ? This is an announcement of a conference about Theories, methods and strategies in contemporary Nordic architectural research(*). Browse

    (*) It’s just dropped from the brand new mailing list called BESTS, dealing with STS (Science Technology and Society) and the “built environment”. More about it on

  2. [...] Rahel Belatchew Lerdell’s eco-prefab house concept for Swedish house producer Willa Nordic. Via David Report blog [...]

  3. John Marillo says:

    Oct 15, 2008

    I checked with my friends in Sweden. Willa Nordic seems to have a horrible reputation in Stockholm for mistreating their clients.

  4. Martin Carter says:

    Oct 26, 2010

    Good job David. You can also guys visit our site to have a look.

  5. kredi says:

    Apr 1, 2011

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