Hyper Island started in 1996 when Jonathan Briggs, David Erixon and Lars Lundh realized the increasing need of a different kind of education involving industry based learning, for the growing new media industry. Since the start, the pedagogic of Hyper Island has been a true success. In total over 260 students study full time each year. According to Hyper Island 85% of the students get job offers already before graduation.

For the upcoming start in fall 2007, the program Digital Media in Karlskrona will have an international touch. This means the students getting prepared to do internship and work globally. The change also open up the opportunity for English speaking persons getting admitted to the program. Last day to apply is May 25, 2007.

The Interactive Art Director program in Stockholm starts in August 2007. Last day to apply to the program is May 25. Read about the application procedure and download application form and information on the work sample in the section “How to apply”.

Check out WESCs Let’s Get Physical which is made by five students from Hyper Island in collaboration with Starcom.

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