Swedish design accessories producer Simplicitas is launching table-less eating, perfect for picnics, mingling parties in the garden or a companion for the car or the boat. Designer Wolf Udo Wagner, has made a thorough conceptual study and the design is optimised for low weight and volume.

“I have always found it rather amazing why many people care so much about travel-light products when camping and hiking but not as much for urban environments. I believe people in the future will also be more and more aware of weight issues regarding daily accessories. Travelling light means of coarse less weight to carry for people but it also means a contribution, although small, to the reduction of the carbon-dioxide emission”, says Thomas Dahlgren, founder of Simplicitas.


The set is designed for eating without having a table. The plate has an integrated handle and works not only as a plate but also as tray, hosting the cup and the cutlery. The cutlery is a fork, knife and a spoon, all in one. After the meal, the plates are turned facing each-other to cover the cups and cutlery, locked with a screw. The handle, now used for carrying the kit.

This is how the designer Wolf Udo Wagner describes the project; “The complexity of the product has been my greatest challenge ever. From developing an idea to making the design and the technical solutions”. Wagner being a great fan of Kubrick’s film 2001- A space odyssey, has given the product futuristic aesthetics.


The material of the product is ABS and it will be available by the beginning of May, sold as a set for 2, 3 and 5 persons.

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