I wrote the other day about the new shopping center by Gert Wingardh in Malmo. In the same area called Hyllie the Danish architects CF Moller has designed a building that goes under the name Malmo Tower. It has a strong Scandinavian identity and an architecture that expresses our times. I like the facing of Malmo Tower a lot, especially the two large built-in gardens. Malmo Tower consists the highrise building and a lower part which will hold an exclusive shopping center. The first entrance on Swedish side of the Oresund bridge of the new underground in Malmo will be placed right beneath Malmo tower. The project is developed by Malmo based Annehem and is planned to be ready 2010.




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    Jun 21, 2008

    […] expresses our times. The facing of Malmo Tower a is nice, especially the two large built-in garden Scandinavian design, home interior, furniture, carpets …Presenting Scandinavian, Nordic, […]

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