The exhibition The Silent Supper by designer Damian Williamson was one of the best parts of the Stockholm Furniture Fair which closed last Sunday.

I got some words from Damian Williamson on his philosophy behind the exhibition:

“The Silent Supper draws reference from the famous painting The Last Supper by Di Vinci. This striking image of a social gathering around a large table plays a key role in the concept. I use The Last Supper as a metaphor, replacing the apostles with objects. I have presented twenty larger objects positioned around a long table as ‘guests’ and twenty smaller objects served as ‘dishes’ in front of the ‘guests’. There’s an intriguing paradox here; although these objects might be silent to the ear they still possess an amazing capacity to communicate and leave an impression on our psyche. I am exploring how these objects communicate with humans. This experiment presented in such a format invites us to imagine the kind of non-verbal dialogue exchanged across the table.”


Damian Williamson continues: “The 20 smaller objects are presented in front of the guest within a hoop to symbolize the plate and Iittala candles as the ‘drink’. I have chosen the forty objects based on the strength and relevance of each respective idea. Objects that illustrate what I consider to be timeless design.”


The Silent Supper image by Patrik Engquist.

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  1. Pema says:

    Mar 2, 2011

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  2. sac burberry says:

    Jun 10, 2011

    10-11 seasons, MBT schuhe the Prim era Lira,

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