Supermarket art fair 2007 is an international independent artist-run art fair in Stockholm. Supermarket art fair 2007 takes place 22–25 February at Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7 in Stockholm. Konstnärshuset means The Artists’ House and it is a nice old Art Deco palace in the centre of Stockholm. The objective of Supermarket art fair 2007 is to create a dynamic and a free-flowing meeting place for artistic experimentation and initiative.

Supermarket art fair 2007 is organised by SKF Umbrella, a sub organisation of SKF – Svenska Konstnärernas Förening (The Swedish Artists’ Association) in collaboration with a network of artist-run organisations in Stockholm. The organisers promise that it will be a tight fitting, bustling, and upbeat social event. Let’s go and see!


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