Last week the United Nations and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) delivered their report upon the climate change and the global warming. It is everything but positive news. If we want our children and grandchildren (of course we want) inherit a green world where they will be able to live sound life’s, we have to change the way we are living. Not tomorrow, today!

We all have a carbon footprint: when we heat our house, drive our car or flying on vacation. So, I would like to bring forward a couple of possibilities to control your personal carbon footprint.


CarbonNeutral Company is one of the world’s leading climate change businesses, set up in the early 1990s. They are helping thousands of people and 100s of major companies around the world, to measure, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. At the CarbonNeutral shop you are able to buy packages which helps you save the CO2 equivalent to a flight, a car drive or the heating of your house.


Each time we heat our homes, take a flight or drive the car, CO2 is added into the atmosphere. Climatecare offsets your CO2 by funding projects around the world. Their projects include development of bio and wind energy, efficient lights and stoves and rain forrest restoration.


The members of BeGreen have offset 2,527,132 total tons of carbon since 1999. That is equal to removing 495,228 cars from the road annually or recycling 13,714,006,664 aluminium cans. They have a good explanation of how offsets is working; “you eat a whole cream-filled, glazed doughnut and then spend a whole hour jogging to burn it off. Carbon offsets are something like that. They offer a way for you to “take away” the emissions you put out there.”


Zerofootprint provides information, products and services to the global network of consumers and businesses that wish to reduce their environmental impact. You will find guides for green market places and green events. And if that is not enough join the discussions in their green blog. Zerofootprint is also offering a carbon calculator through which you can calculate and control your carbon fooprint. Through their webshop you are able to buy offsets both to yourself or as a gift to a friend.


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