We just got the news that female designer Monica Förster was awarded “Designer of the year” by the Swedish magazine Residence. We are very happy to report this, not only because Monica Förster is a very talented and cleverish designer, she will also every now and then write thoughtful words on the David Report blog!

One of her first pieces in production was the silicone lamp Silikon for David Design. A somewhat provocative choice of material when silicone is used by some women in a slightly less creative way… The lounge chair pictured above is called Glide and is produced by the Italian manufacturer Tacchini. It is created out of vacuum formed leather without any visible seams. It has a slim appearance yet with good comfort. Another interesting product from Monica’s hand is the sofa Pinstripe. We got some quick words with Monica about the sofa:

“For me it is a way to develop my skills by designing an ordinary product like a sofa”, Monica explains. “You have to work harder, it was a challenge. If you compare to one of my earlier products Cloud, the large inflatable room, it was a much more extravagant project, more direct and much easier to receive positive publicity from. This time I tried to apply the same technique as they are using in the fashion industry when cutting and matching fabric pieces. The pinstriped fabric creates a dynamic feeling and really lines up the sofa in a nice way”, Monica continues.

We have heard that there will be a new book about her work during 2007 (Enrico Baldiali for Arvinius) and also a separate exhibition at Superhype during next years Stockholm Furniture Fair in early February. We can’t wait to seeing it!

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