When this blog still is very new I thought that some of you could appreciate a short description of our David Report bulletin.

The bulletin is our quarterly trend report with a design perspective and a humanistic approach concerning the intersection between culture, business-life and global society. We are trying to make a difference by challenging the conventional mindset. And best of all – it is free. Apply for a subscription in the left column at our start page.

Here is an encapsulation of the five last issues:


Issue 1: Liberate Design – Time to kiss the copyright goodbye?

Is all plagiarism and copying bad? Is copyright and patents just old rules from the past? What about using a new mindset from a new industry in a old one? This is some of the questions in our discussion in this first report.


Issue 2: Supreme Regionalism
How interesting is it to travel to another country or continent, just to realise that you for a moment don’t know were you are; Tokyo, New York, Moscow, London or….? Wherever you go, you find look-a-like airports, shops or hotels. The interior is exactly the same in the hotel in Seoul as it is in San Francisco. You find the same fast-food-chain or superbrand flagship store. And naturally, you find a “popping-up-everywhere” shopping mall nearby, with all the same retailers as you find in every mall around the world. Boring, absolutely life-killing boring.


Issue 3: Design (in) the future

What is design then? And what will it be in the future? Some simple questions, but so hard to answer. To give the future some help and direction, we asked some of our designer friends to give their ideas and visions. Design is certainly a visualisation of a company´s strategy, but it is also a magic tool that create possibilities to make life better, safer and more fun.
See what Eero, Ilkka, Karim, Konstantin, Oki, Satyendra, Stephen and Tim have to say about Design (in) the future.


Issue 4: Welcome to the Credibility Loop

During a long time we have wondered why so many excellent business executives have such trust in advertising, and we deeply challenge if that enormous amount spent on advertising couldn’t be spent more useful? Today advertising is a questionable effort to build recognition and to build a brand. The academic elite as well as business professionals have a second thought how to do. It’s all about building a trustworthy and reliable partnership with your (future) customers. It’s to become a part of their mind so to speak. And when most people are sick and tired of all advertising everywhere, there must be a better way to communicate with them, mustn’t it?


Issue 5: Communication Through Product

Issue five consists of an interesting development of our initial thoughts from the previous issue (Welcome to the Credibility Loop). Ideas that could save our fellow business men/women billions of dollars. This by using a marketing strategy based on design, creativity and innovation that we have named CTP, an abbreviation of Communication Through Product. On top of this you will find an interview with the Swedish fashion brand Acne jeans and some in-depth thoughts from the founder of Ikepod watches, Oliver Ike.

Finally, please don’t forget to check out our tip-off section with smart and interesting communities, blogs, newsletters, books etc plus a calendar of the most interesting events worldwide. David’s dozen is updated regularly and consists of twelve fresh favourites from different categories.

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