As reported elsewhere, Tyler Brule, founder of Wallpaper, will launch a new magazine called Monocle early next year. According to Tyler Brule it will be a mix between the Economist and Vanity Fair. Tyler Brule is also impressed by the BBC in North America. The goal is to have 150,000 in circulation worldwide. The Observer reports that private investors have put £5m behind the project.

We have two thoughts about this. First, is there a future for glossy luxury magazines? Is it smart to launch something print-based during these increasingly digital times? A lot of people seems to think that the glossy magazines will stay forever. But there are other voices as well. The blog “Print is dead” reports about this issue here. Mediabistro is discussing the same issue with a slightly different angle here. Maybe the “web-based broadcast component” that will walk alongside with the print version in the end will be the most vital part of the complete Monocle pack?

Secondly, will Tyler Brule be able to distance himself far enough from Wallpaper magazine? Piers Fawkes from psfk has a second thought on this issue. He says “sounds like a magazine we used to read…”.

Let’s see in February…

By the way, according to me Tyler Brule did a good job as moderator at Future Design Days in Stockholm some weeks ago. Seems like he was very confident behind the desk (at the image together with Malcolm McLaren). Read the list of Tyler Brule’s 10 hottest picks at the moment (in Swedish) from the blog Researcher here.

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